About us


Wealth Bees(brand of Cadence Finserve Private Limited) is an advisory boutique with a collaborative vision to offer a differentiated value proposition to our customers, which is delivered through specialists financial advisors as well as through a digital platform. We understand the financial needs of customers and recommend a simplified approach to investing across equities, debt and mutual funds.

In today’s world, when it comes to investment, one needs to be well informed about both investment plans as well as investment options. Because at the end of the day, your investment decision shouldn’t affect your or make you suffer. That is why it is advised to go for an investment advisor who can guide you through all your financial dealings and investments. As long as the market conditions are inconsistent and the investment options are numerous, a knowledgeably strong investment advisor would be needed to help you get through the best plans and options.

We at Wealth Bees(brand of Cadence Finserve Private Limited) aims at being the leading Investment advisor across the industry, and for the purpose we give importance to confidentiality, fairness and integrity above all. These Investment advisories not only provides advises to help businesses travel through the right way of investments, but also guides them to make right decisions in terms of finance and wealth management as well.

The advises given by Wealth Bees(brand of Cadence Finserve Private Limited) to its clients are generally on financial planning, retirement planning, loans, estate planning, taxation and financial awareness.